CERNLIB overview

The CERN Program Library is a large collection of general purpose programs maintained and offered in both source and object code form on the CERN central computers. Most of these programs were developed at CERN and are therefore oriented towards the needs of a physics research laboratory. Nearly all, however, are of a general mathematical or data-handling nature, applicable to a wide range of problems.

Contents and Organization of the Library

The library contains several thousand subroutines and complete programs which are grouped together by logical affiliation into several hundred program packages. 80% of the programs are written in FORTRAN and the remainder in assembly code, or C usually with a FORTRAN version also available. The language supported is currently Fortran 77.

Each package is assigned a unique code, consisting of a letter and three or four digits. The letter is used to indicate the category in which the program or package resides. A package consists of one or more related subprograms with one package name and one or more user-callable entry names, all described briefly in a Short write-up , and if necessary, an additional Long write-up. The terms under which the library material and associated documentation may be distributed are given below.

CERN Program Library