This section describes the contents of the "bin" directory, e.g. /cern/pro/bin. On some systems, e.g. VMS, NT, the actual contents may differ slightly.

cdmake module to create a new, empty, HEPDB database
cdmove module to transfer HEPDB updates between servers
cdserv module to manage a (set of) HEPDB database(s)
cernlib script to provide access to CERNLIB libraries
cmz symbolic link to CMZ executable
dzeX11 DZEDIT: X11 version of the ZEBRA utility.
fatmen FATMEN interactive interface (shell)
fatnew module to create new, empty, FATMEN catalogue
fatsend module to transfer updates between FATMEN servers
fatsrv module to manage a FATMEN catalogue
fcasplit Link to PATCHY utility FCASPLIT (split source file into individual routines and create make file/installation script)
garfield .
gxint The GEANT interface interface
hepdb HEPDB HEPDB interactive interface
kuesvr The KUIP event server
kuipc The KUIP compiler
kxterm The KUIP Xterm (used by PAW++)
ntuBrowser .
ntuBuild .
nycheck (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nydiff (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nyindex (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nylist (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nymerge (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nypatchy (New) Patchy (5) program
nyshell (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nysynopt (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
nytidy (New) Patchy (5) auxiliary
paw script to interface to various versions of PAW
paw++ PAW++ module
pawX11 PAW/X11 module
pawserv The PAW server
ycompar PATCHY utility to compare two binary PAM files
yedit PATCHY utility to "edit" (update) a binary PAM file
yfrceta PATCHY utility to create a binary PAM from a CETA file
yindex PATCHY utility to produce an "index" of a binary PAM file
ylist PATCHY utility to produce a "listing" of a binary PAM file
ypatchy main PATCHY program
ysearch PATCHY utility to search binary PAM files for strings
yshift PATCHY utility
ytobcd PATCHY utility to convert a binary PAM to ASCII ("card") format
ytobin PATCHY utility to convert a card PAM to binary
ytoceta PATCHY utility to convert a binary PAM to CETA format
zftp Program to transfer files with on-the-fly data conversion - part of CSPACK
zserv The server program for ZFTP

CERN Program Library